3 Fancy Zeds


March 30, 2016 by catomighty

I used

3 more Z-95’s off the painting line, fancy ones this time.

One in a dazzle starburst camouflage, this is the first of a group of various dazzle paintjobs on a variety of ships in the works at this typing.  First the Rebel markings were scraped off.  Then the cockpit, engine nozzles, and clear mounting sprocket were masked off, as well as stripes that would remain in the basic grey of the original finish.  The whole Zed was then spray painted in Testor’s Fifties Pink.  After that dried, more masking stripes were applied, and the final stripes of Blue spray painted.  More details on masking for the dazzle painting will follow in the post on the rest of this group.

The other two fancy ones were brush repaints of Scum Zeds.  Scraped off the black sun logo from both, and the black stripes off one.  The original stripes were left on the other, and then embellished even further.  I used the trusty .005 Micron Art Pen to draw the outlines of most of the new stripeage, then painted between the lines.

Second up is Banana Leader, heading up the infamous Banana Pirates.

And third is Fashion Leader, flying the Zed in Pierre Cardin black and white stripes.  The Cardin logo beneath the cockpit on each side was added with my favorite .005 Micron Art Pen.





2 thoughts on “3 Fancy Zeds

  1. Lasgunpacker says:

    z-95s seem like they deserve a nice repaint.

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