Ghost Squadron


July 7, 2017 by catomighty

Since I first saw the art previews for the Ghost ship before the Rebels show began airing, I really liked the B-25 vibe of the design — classic Star Wars = WW2 in space!  The design was just begging for D-Day style invasion stripes.

Finally got around to painting up a pair of the VCX-100 models, and an accompanying Y-Wing.  For bonus painting delight, the big block under the front cockpit was a perfect canvas for painting some nose art.  And the “Ghost” is a perfect model for an homage to the best ghost-story movie of all time, Sole Survivor and it’s co-star, William Shatner ^,^

For folks who are not yet familiar with Sole Survivor, it was one of the best made-for-TV movies from 1970.

The aircraft used in the movie was a B25-J, and it’s nose art was the Home Run.  Drew the art on both sides with a Micron Art .005 black pen, then painted between the lines; after the white circle of the baseball dried, then drew in the cracked Imperial logo in the place of the cracked Nazi swastika from the movie’s plane.

For the wingmate VCX, I created the Kicking Bantha art, inspired by 94th Squadron’s Kicking Mule.


To round out the squad, added a Y-Wing with invasion stripes on its engine cones.  For the blaster turret on the Y-Wing, I drilled a small hole in the cockpit roof, glued in a bit of brass tube for the barrel, then shaped a bit of putty around it to make the turret.


The squad in flight:



And of course painting matching Attack Shuttles to go with the VCX’s, shown here with all the engine glow:


And bottom view:


2 thoughts on “Ghost Squadron

  1. Lasgunpacker says:

    Those invasion stripes look great on the VCX-100s! The Ghost is one of my favorite ships too… even if it can do everything perfectly!

    • catomighty says:

      I haven’t flown the ship yet, I’ve been waiting til I got the squad painted. Monday night I’ll finally get to take them out for their test flight.

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