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It’s a chibi, chibi world of fantasy adventures and dungeoncrawling!  One of the big projects on the modelling table right now are swarms of chibi adventuring figures and construction of 3D dungeon modules.

Chibis landed here in Goblinhall last summer with 2 copies of Super Dungeon Explore.  Needed the 2nd one for more figures for conversion fodder, plus more dice and stuff.  The game comes with printed dungeon tiles, but 3D tabletop gaming is always more spectacular and entertaining.  So, Dungeon construction began as well to use instead of printed tiles.

In addition to playing SDE, I also wanted to use the figures and dungeons for larger size dungeon crawl games that would work well for lots of players.  And then — woohoo! — last fall, Impact Miniatures launched a Kickstarter Campaign for a whole new range of Chibi Adventurers to be in production by the Spring of 2013.

Chibistein will become a fully populated land of cute adventure for use in any number of game rule systems  =^,^=

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