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April 12, 2016 by catomighty

DBA-RRR is a set of extended rules for playing Renaissance, Restoration, and Reformation period battles from 1500–1700 built upon the basic DBA 2nd edition rules.  The original amendments were developed by Tony Aguilar and the nice folks of FADBAG (Florida Area DBA Gamers) — the original QRS and full RRR army lists are available in the Files section of their Yahoo Group.

Since then, both the official DBA 3.0 version of the rules and the WADBAG (Washington Area…) DBA 2.2+ Amendments have been developed.  Tony has been working on updating the RRR extension to be compatible with 3.0.  At our local club, we’ve been playing more 2.2+ than 3.0, and so have developed this DBA-RRR+ Quick Reference Sheet to be compatible with the 2.2+ Amendments.


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