Dual YV Action

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March 15, 2016 by catomighty

Having just finished painting the Mon Drian Space Bus, I had to fly both YV-666’s in our weekly casual tournament last night.  This week we broke out the Winter Kit for prizes.  Bossk and Ratzi in the dual flying shoeboxes, with Kato as wingman in the Zed took 2nd place and was a lot of fun to fly!

If you look closely at the action shots, you can see the different styling of the modified rounded hull corners on the Partridge Bus vs. the brute square edges of the Mary Kay Slaver.  I love the looming Star Destroyer effect when they run the slot in line astern!

Lost the first match against Vader, Carnor, and Omega Leader.  This one was almost a tie at 0-0!  The Imperial Aces were quite afraid to face off against the might of the Outer Rim and spent most of the game circling around taking occaisional potshots, but largely just staying out of harm’s way.

Smuggler convoy, barrelling down the slot through the asteroid field:2ShoeV3Aces

Omega Leader cornered.  Alas, Bossk in the rear had done a 1-bank — had he gone 1-straight, Omega would have crashed and been left without an Evade token.  As it transpired, Omega was able to thread the hard turn, plant a shot that vaped Kato, and survive the broadside from Bossk:

2nd game was a quick win vs an assortment of YT’s, Chewie and Leebo.  Here is Leebo moments before the big kaboom.  He’s already taken one full salvo last turn, is about to succesfully thread through the convoy with a 3-bank, only to be obliterated by Bossk on the broadside.  Then Kato and Ratzi start the pounding on Chewie which would take a few turns to finish off:

Sadly, I forgot to take any pix of the final match.  Won against Poe in a T-70 who died in 2 turns of concentrated salvoes, Miranda in a K-Wing who got boxed into a corner, and Jake in an A-Wing who took some hunting down to finally finish off.

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