Lights, Marbles, Potion Explosion

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May 27, 2017 by catomighty

Potion Explosion is one of the board games that sees a lot of play here at home, and also bringing it out to game nights with friends.  And so it was worthy of upgrading the components to enjoy playing in grand style.

Based on suggestions in the forums on BoardGameGeek, I bought a wooden marble dispenser and spinner from Daft Concepts on Etsy to replace the cardboard one that comes with the game.  And following other suggestions, upgraded the marbles with fancy mega marble nets from Land of Marbles.

For fancy marble colours, I went with:
*  Black = Poison Dart Frog
*  Blue = Stingray (originally Blue Jay, but that was the same tone as Rooster; Stingray is easier to distinguish)
*  Red = Rooster
*  Yellow = Sun
*  White = Polar Bear (upcoming expansion 5th element)

The fancy marbles look great, but in less than ideal lighting situations, or sometimes in the shadow of a player leaning over the dispenser to look down, the swirly marbles can sometimes be a little tricky to tell apart at first glance.  So to fix that, I ordered a couple of inexpensive clip-on LED lights from DealExtreme.

With XActo Knife and file, I trimmed the front corner of the lights to snugly hold onto the upper corner of the marble dispenser.  The light itself easily pops out of the ball socket to work on the clip.  The decorative bit of chrome plastic trim easily pops off the top of the clip.

The clip to the right in this photo has had its bottom edge trimmed off so it sits flat on the upper deck of the dispenser.  Note that the other light will be clipped on its opposite side because it will attach to the opposite side of the dispenser.

On the bottom half of the clip, I carved and filed the gripping edge to give a flat clamp onto the dispenser.

Then I also trimmed the front inside edge of the clamp so it would sit squarely in the front corner of the dispenser.

Lights on!  Game set up ready to play.  The potions and tokens fit nicely on the wooden spinner.  We keep a D8 in the game box to roll to determine which of the potion types will not be used in each game, and to determine starting player.  Shown here with all 5 marble colours for the photo-op, though we are still waiting for the actual release of the expansion which will utilise the fifth colour,

The wooden dispenser fits in the original game box where the cardboard one would go.  However, the extra spinner from DaftConcepts is too wide to fit in the game box.  So for storage and transport, the spinner and the game box fit in the shipping box that arrived from Etsy.  A sheet of bubble wrap sits in the bottom of the box and folds over the top of the spinner; this helps to lift it out.  The game box then sits on top of the wrapped spinner.

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