Dragon Dice

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Dragon Dice is a collectable dice game which is a lot of fun, is quick and challenging to play, and has really cool dice!  Started playing this game way back when TSR first produced it.  At Pax East 2013, discovered it was still going strong in the hands of a small and friendly company SFR.  And immediately went on an archaeological expedition into the basement and found all my old dice!

SFR has polished up the rules quite nicely and vastly improved the packaging of the dice.  (TSR had made some horrible packaging blunders, but this was one of the earliest collectable games brought out on the heels of Magic the Gathering, and so it was a time of learning by trial and error.)

While there’s not a lot of modelling and painting involved in Dragon Dice, I’m putting it up on the blog so I’ll have a place to host the pdf’s and other play aids that I’m putting together for it.  And because I really love the game and want to give it some more exposure ^,^

Click here for the Dragon Dice category of posts.

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