Rainbow Dash Warrior


February 26, 2016 by catomighty

A few months ago, I finally got around to painting up my YT-2400 model.  Once the idea of the Rainbow Dash Warrior occurred, there was just no escaping it.  This being Star Wars, the rainbow paintjob is of course a bit on the faded and gritty side.
To get the light blue tones of the body, I gave the whole thing a brushing with Model Master’s French Light Blue, inked the lines with a blue .005 Micron Art pen.  Whenever some of the ink spilled up out of the panel lines, I shmeared it across the top surface with my finger to add to the general weathering and variegate the blueness of the body.







One thought on “Rainbow Dash Warrior

  1. Lasgunpacker says:

    Nice work. Colorful, yet clearly a “SW” paint job.

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