BGG Microbadge: Rivets fan — Tiny Bopper

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January 19, 2016 by catomighty

This past month I created my first submission for a microbadge on Board Game Geek, and it just got approved!  Rivets fan — Tiny Bopper, for fans of Rivets, Microgame #5 published by Metagaming in 1977.  The badge is available for BGG users here.

This is the microbadge, all 16 x 16 pixels:


Created from this image in the original rulebook:


For folks unfamiliar with the delightful old Microgames, Rivets is a very solid little tactical boardgame with highly entertaining mechanics and flavour.  The war is over, everybody is dead, nobody told the robots.  BOPPERS = Battle Oriented Pre-Programmed Eradicator Robots.  Each type of your Boppers can be programmed to attack one type of the opposing Boppers.  Only the Tiny Boppers and Dive Boppers are free to attack any type of enemy bopper.

Back in the day, Martian Metals made a line of Bopper miniatures to use with the game.  Sadly now, I did not buy them then.  At the time, they were too expensive for my gaming budget to buy two players’ worth of the miniatures.  And honestly, they were pretty crude little lumps of metal.  The art of sculpting and casting smaller scale miniatures back in the 70’s was pretty poor.  25mm figures were starting to come along nicely, but anything smaller was pretty lumpy.  So the artistic quality also put me off from investing in these minis.

I would still love to play this game with minis, so I have begun work on making some master figures.  These will not be direct models of the artwork from the game, but highly recognisable alternative renditions done more in the style of (and with modified parts from) super-deformed Gundam figures.  If this project goes well, eventually I will attempt scanning the models to make files for use with 3D printers.  Stay tuned for any progress reports!


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