DBA 2.2+ QRS

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November 13, 2015 by catomighty

Here’s a new version of a Quick Reference Sheet for DBA 2.2+.  It has already gone through several rounds of printing and proof-reading at our local club.  Of course there still may be some mistakes, clarifications, or extra bits of useful information to add (very limited space available) — so suggestions are quite welcome.

This QRS expands a bit on the original one created by WADBAG.  The biggest change is an addition of a table for the interpenetration rules.  I’ve been playing DBA since 1990, and have never been able to remember and recall the exact rules for interpenetration given that the info contained on the table is written in two tortuous run-on sentences in the rulebook!  Some other details have been added to the sheet to cover rules points we often dig through the rulebook to find during games at the club.  The word order for some items have been changed from WADBAG’s QRS either to put items into alphabetical order, or otherwise just to accommodate layout space.

QRS, updated 13 November 2015, and again on 12 April 2016 (just minor typo corrections):


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