IV/62 Hundred Years War English


September 20, 2014 by catomighty

Army List (2nd edition)

IV/62 Hundred Years War English, 1322–1455CE

1x3Kn//4Bd Gen, 2x3Kn//4Bd, 6x4Lb, 1x3Sp or 1x2Ps, 1x4Lb or 1x4Bd, 1x3Cb or Art.


I love painting heraldic armies, and this is my favourite one because I know that all of these knights campaigned together historically.  This army is modelled for that of Edward Woodstock, aka the Black Prince; and also later his brother John of Gaunt.  Took notes as I was reading The Life And Campaigns Of The Black Prince, edited and translated by Richard Barber. All of the knights depicted campaigned with the Prince in both France and Spain (except for the standard bearer who is a later addition to the gang from modern literature!)

John campaigned along with his brother Edward. After Edward’s death, John led his own campaigns to claim the crown of Castile. I haven’t been able to trace mention of any knights that joined him, but there’s no reason to suppose that the usual gang of suspects weren’t invited along. After Edward’s death, John would no longer need the differentiating marks of the ermine spots on the points of his label, so the coat of arms would be identical.


15mm figures are mostly Corvus Belli, with some Essex.

In the center: the General = The Black Prince and/or John of Gaunt, the Captal de Buch, and Sir Wm. Thatcher (aka Ulrich von Lichtenstein) as standard bearer.  Yes, I did handpaint the Plantagenet coat of arms 18 times for this army!

On the leftmost stand of mounted knights: Hugh Stafford, Bartholomew Bhurghersh, and Hugh Despenser.

On the rightmost stand of mounted knights: Thomas Ufford, John Chandos, and James Audley.




Those same knights dismounted; joining the general is a herald; joining Stafford, Bhurghersh, and Despenser is Hugh Hastings; and joining Ufford, Chandos, and Audley is Thomas Felton.




Livery was in some use during this period. I opted to apply it with medium vigour, since I like painting heraldry. The archers attending the general’s stand got the heaviest dose. Other nobles only got 2 liveried figures each, arrayed with other archers bearing the red cross of St. George. In the front row, from left to right the archers of: Guant (4), Woodstock (4), Stafford (2), Ufford (2), and Despenser (2). In the rear row from left to right: 2 stands of archers in green and white from Cheshire, Flint, and/or Wales; de Buch’s crossbowmen (3).



Then the miscellenious troops that round out the army: Irish skirmishers, English billmen, English artillery, and English spears:


And the camp, a simple but iconical English affair with a removable 40x40mm stand of campers:



And finally, the army arrayed:


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  1. dean says:

    Amazing brushwork on the heraldry!

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