Imperial Milk Truck and More Lambdas

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March 19, 2014 by catomighty

Finally got around to touching up the paint on my FFG shuttle (the one that did not die horribly in the asteroid field as shown in an earlier post).  Since it’s big and white and flies like a milk truck, I just embellished it a little bit to look more like the local Hood trucks.  Spelled in aurabesh of course.

Now, Imperial forces everywhere can enjoy their Hoodsie Cups!  ^,^


Here’s a comparison photo of the 3 different shuttles with close enough scales to use in X-Wing.

*  On the right is the F-Toys one it is the smallest at ~1/310 scale.  It’s a very nice model and the least expensive (generally about $10–$15 on EBay).

*  In the middle is the FFG 1/270 one.  This is my least favorite model of these three (but a fun paint job does improve it).  This one of course comes with all the official game bits and you’ll need this one if you want to use it for tournament play.

*  And on the left is the larger Hallmark one ~1/246 scale (generally about $20-$35 on EBay), also a very nice model and super amazing lights and sound.  Press a button under the cockpit and the engines light up and it plays the Imperial March.  By far, this is the most stunning option!



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