Impact’s 2nd Asian KS, Asstd Pet & Toy Store Finds

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March 21, 2014 by catomighty

The box o’ chibi goodness from Impact Miniatures’ 2nd chibi Kickstarter project just arrived here at Goblinhall!  This KS was primarily Asian Adventurers theme with a few other fantasy figures thrown in.  All these figures should be up on the Impact store by the end of March.

Also note that Impact starts their next KS as soon as one ends.  The new 3rd one is running now!  This is a mixed bag of Chibi Gaslight Horror – Cthulu Mythos & Sci-Fi Miniatures running through the 24th of April.

On to the unpacking…. At first glance while unpacking and sorting, these figures are improved over the first KS.  That one was a learning experience for doing chibi sculpting and casting and with some resulting minor problems of misplaced casting marks and air bubbles.  Impact has worked hard to both improve the molds for the original batch of figures, and to prevent those issues in the development stage of these figures.  The new figures are all bubble-free and well cast.  They will still require some quick trimming of flash and casting sprues, which goes up very easily with this material.


This first photo shows the hordes of monster types.  In the top left are some of the Ogre Magi — I love the size of the new style large monsters with slightly smaller bodies than the original set.  For comparison, one of the original Trolls is in the bottom right (I picked up another of these to use for conversion work).

My only minor complaint with any of the new sculpts is that the big Yako Kitsune (top right) was cast with all 9 tails as one piece on the torso.  I would have preferred 3 separate 3-tail pieces that would have allowed easy construction of a kitsune with 3, 6, or 9 tails to show increasing levels of power.  But that’s not a big problem — I have snips, saws, knives, and files!  So 2 of my 3 will get some tail adjustments.


The second photo shows the people, dragons, and miscellenia.  The Ninja figures and Kung-fu Hero came with a nice variety of weapon options.  I got 3 of the Ninja archers.  I’m not sure if I’ll use all of them in the Ninja horde, or use some for conversion fodder — basic archer figures are few in the chibi world right now.  The resin castle is really cute for wilderness adventuring.  One of the smaller towers can be placed in the top center of it, and they also make lovely small stand alone guardhouses.  In the bottom right are new clear resin versions of the Airball and Cloud pieces that were made in solid plastic last time.


Edit: on request, close-ups of the Tengu Swordmaster



In other news, this post is a good opportunity to put up some pictures of other goodies I’ve been collecting over the past year.

Every time I go into a pet store to get supplies for the household herd, I always go through the aquarium decorations aisle and see what’s in the clearance section.  And the toy aisle in dollar stores is always worth a peek.


2 great houses, a big dino skull, and a cave!


Gem-eyed wonders (that bright gleam is just sunlight hitting the jeweled eye)!  Nothing could possibly go wrong if a band of adventurers tried to steal those gems….


A nice big torii for the Asian corner of Chibistein!


From the dollar store, a handful of glow in the dark dino skeletons to  decorate the cavern walls of the Graveyard of the Dinosaurs.  Plus a bunch of dino skulls from one of the Toob collections.


Also thanks to the dollar store, not all of the dinos in the Graveyard are entirely dead!


Giant goldfish, and R’lyeh rising!  This delightful home for Chibi Chthulu came from the toy clearance aisle in Target.  It was sold as a dispenser for Little Mermaid Squinkies.


A bunch of anime keychain figures picked up from dealers at various conventions, with a few Soda Pop figures for size comparison.  The one in the top left has too big a head, but I might use the body for conversion work.


And finally, 6 new Attack on Titan: Colossus Titan Mascot Key Ring figures that I recently ordered from 1999 in Japan, along with a bunch of model railroad kits.  The very white one glows in the dark!   Shown here alongside some primed Impact minis for comparison.

Impact — This is a size I would love to see for Bugbears and all the other large but not gigantic monsters  ^,^

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