G-Force Uniform


January 2, 2014 by catomighty

Hall costumes are quite prevalent at Anime Boston.  So much so that anyone not wearing a costume seems woefully under-dressed for the occasion.  So, for when I’ve been running giant table-top kaiju games at AB, I put together a relatively quick and easy G-Force uniform inspired by the Heisei series of Godzilla films (1984-1998).

The basic outfit is a green flight suit with a black beret and patches added.  For a quick and easy con costume, I made and printed out illustrations of the patches rather than taking the [large amount] of time to embroider them.  Then printed them out on iron-on transfer paper, ironed them onto stiff-backed felt, and then sewed the felt patches on.

It took a bit of trial and error to get the ironed versions right.  It finally worked best ironing them onto white felt to get the best colour resolution.  Then coloured the edge of the felt with a black sharpie.

UNGCC shoulder patch:


G-Force flash for the beret:




Name patch:



The final outfit, photo by Bruce H. O’Bryan:



At Anime Boston, I enjoy supporting the live young artists who do tables at Artist’s Alley.  Lisa Lu did this portrait at the con:



Oh, and as for the aforementioned tabletop kaiju game…

With a lot of help from a lot of friends, I’ve put together a big scale model of the Greater Boston area covering the whole Rte 128 loop and fitting on a C-shaped table about 8′ x 8′.  Each time I bring it to a con, we get a work party together for a month or so and add more detail work to it.

The view from the North Shore, Beverly Airport is in the bottom right and side of the photo:



The scenario for AB is: Dai Kaiju — Die Boston!  Victory points for destroying buildings and other kaiju, bonus VP for destroying landmark buildings.  And the most VP for destroying the Prudential Tower and the Hynes Convention Center where AB is held.  Quite satisfying to the participants, it is often the giant flying catgirl with the machine gun who destroys the convention =^,^=



And finally, the big green monster himself, viewed from looking up over the Big Green Monster at Fenway Park.  Quick call UNGCC Boston Unit!


2 thoughts on “G-Force Uniform

  1. Jason Oriti says:

    Do you make your own custom patches? Could you make a ungcc patch that says Cleveland instead of Boston?

    • catomighty says:

      I did make my patches, but that was long ago, and several computers ago. I no longer have the illustration program I used, so I’m afraid I can’t help modify these.

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