Mara Jade

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January 2, 2014 by catomighty

For Boston Comic Con 2013, I put together a quick and easy outfit to wear while running X-Wing games — Mara Jade, based on the cover art of Timothy Zahn’s novel, The Last Command.



This was pretty simple to find everything off-the shelf — thanks to the artist for using 1980’s woodland camouflage pattern for her jumpsuit.  This is just a cheap and quick con costume, which someday I hope to upgrade to a full-quality version suitable for use at events with the Rebel Legion and/or 501st.  (Mara Jade switches sides in this novel, so this outfit works for either Imperial or Rebel costuming, depending on which lightsaber she carries!  After she switches sides and gives up her old job as the Emperor’s Hand, Luke gives her his old lightsaber.)

I’d been meaning to get in touch with the local Legions for some time, and fortuitously bumped into them at Boston Comic Con, where they were hosting their usual charity photo area.



Some of the folks from Alderaan Base, the local Rebel Legion outpost, got a break from their staffing shifts to come over and try out the X-Wing demo games I was running for Pandemonium Books & Games at the con.  Don’t tell anyone, but that X-Wing pilot is flying Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced in the game ^,^



While someday I hope to upgrade my Mara costume, I instead decided on a different one to make for my first Rebel Legion one.  Work on a movie-quality A-Wing pilot has begun!  While I really enjoy flying Imperial squads in X-Wing, black is just boring and waaayyy overdone these days.  Orange is really not my colour.  Green is great!

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