YT-xxxx Conversions, Part I


July 3, 2013 by catomighty

In the great conversion pile from the old AMT/ERTL Rebel Base Diorama kits are a stack of 5 YT-1300 Millenium Falcons, all undergoing various conversions to create an entire Corellenian Engineering Corporation airshow!  And provide a diverse fleet for the Outer Rim Smugglers.

The FFG model at 1/270 scale is 129mm long and 94mm wide at the side hubs.  The AMT/ERTL one is a little larger, 144mm X 101mm, about 1/240 scale.  Dicing and splicing them into variants other than the YT-1300 change the shape and size so they will blend together nicely with the FFG Falcon.

The 5 conversions are currently in various stages of work.  I’ll post picture of each one as the modelling work is completed and before painting begins, and then of course the final paint jobs later.

*  Nova Drive 3-Z, model work completed, ready for painting, and photos here in this entry.  Wookiepedia 3-Z entry here, and more Deckplans Alliance info here.

*  YT-1200, model work nearly completed, still touching up the putty work on the engine nacelles.

*  YT-1000, hull rebuilding work nearly done.

*  Custom Cab to haul a pair of Freight Containers, initial cutting done

*  Custom Command Ship for corporate squadron of Z-95’s, initial cutting done.

Here is the original top and bottom pieces of the AMT/ERTL Falcon:



The preliminary part cuts for the 3-Z.  This ship is going to be shortened into an oval, loosely following the Deckplan Alliance plans.  So the saucer halves have been separated from the lateral spine.  Also, because the cockpit will be moved to left side of the ship, the front end of the saucer will be flipped upside down so that the big cut in the original top of the front saucer will be out of sight on the bottom of the 3-Z.  The 2 center vents on the upper engine deck have been removed.



Then to make the oval shape, I took a small slice off each of the saucer pieces.  Then the pieces were filed and fitted back together.



Then lots of modelling happens, and the final version looks like this:







Evergreen Plastic strips of styrene provide the hull work.  The side edging on the front hull is .040″ x .188″ strip bent to shape by hand and then glued in.  Hull panels covering over the open bits in the Falcon are cut from 030″ sheet.  The new decking along the front central spine is from .040″ x .312″ strip.  And the framing on the rear engine is .040″ quarter round strip.

Other additions were assorted greeblies from the bits box, and puttying work done with a combo of green stuff and Testor’s Contour Putty.  The blue 5th engine vent is from some old model aricraft kit, with a thin rim of strip styrene wrapped around it.  The front of the cockpit was carved to add window detail which is not present in the original model.

A final comparison shot of the 3-Z, FFG Falcon, and AMT/ERTL Falcon:


One thought on “YT-xxxx Conversions, Part I

  1. Joseph Reid says:

    Darn that is superb work indeed. Now I want one lol

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