BloodBowl Teams

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March 1, 2013 by catomighty

Having put the Bloodaxes team photo up on the blog header, might as well post pictures of the various BloodBowl teams on file too.  Someday when BB works its way back into my gaming schedule, I’ll post the other teams not currently shown here due to lack of photos on file.

The Bloodaxes, 2nd edition plastic orcs, and some metal goblins and troll:baxteamblog.jpg

Dwarf All Stars, 2nd edition plastics and metal minis:


Legion, plastic skeletons with 1/35 scale German helmets and plastic tubing for armour, handmade skeleton ogre, Ral Partha’s Grateful Undead Band.  Sadly, Undead teams in the current rules aren’t nearly as entertaining as playing the old 2nd Edition Skeleton Team:


Morning Stars, mostly 2nd edition plastic elves, and some metal ones:


Scorpions, 2nd edition metal skaven, the best BB figures ever made!  Plastic skaven converted to cheerleaders, and assorted Fantasy Battle metals for sideline staff:


Valholl Swanmaidens, fieldable as a Valkyrie or Norse team roster.  Figures available from Impact.  I converted the Ice Troll into a female for this team.  Don’t have a full team photo, here they are in smaller groups:

ValhollPlateSzdSvava1Szd Val1aSzd Val2aSzd Val3aSzd Val4aSzd


SnTroLSzd SnTroRSzd

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