Wave 1, Basic Repaints


February 28, 2013 by catomighty

The X-Wing miniatures come with very nicely pre-painted right out of the box.  But for those of us who would like to add a personal touch and be able to tell our figures apart from all the others in the world, a little re-painting is in order.

I just painted right over the original, using Model Master and Testors enamals.  The engine glow areas were painted white first; then flourescent orange, a neon blue ring for the basic TIE fighters.

All the TIE’s were dry-brushed with Russian Topside Blue over the grey areas. Touch-up and highlighting on the wing panels with burnt umber.  (The actual models for the first movie were originally painted blue, but changed to grey when difficulties were discovered doing the bluescreen work!)

Green Squadron X-Wings and Blue Squadron Y-Wings for my own Gold Task Force with yellow noses and engine rings.  Each ship is distinguished with it’s own astromech colour.  And the turrets on the Y-Wings highlighted to stand out more.

There will be more TIE fighters and X-Wings painted in the near future when these squadrons get brought up to strength – as soon as my FLGS, Pandemonium, receives its restock of the Core Sets along with the Wave 2 expansions.

TIERepaint TIEAdvRepaint

XRepaint1 XRepaint2 YRepaint


Edit: note that it took a lot of applied google-fu to find images of the backside of a TIE Advanced!  One image shows the engine glow on 4 small round exhaust ports on the fuselage ball; however, there are no corresponding ports on the model to paint.  Another screenshot from a game shows the 2 stripes as painted here and fit on the model.

4 thoughts on “Wave 1, Basic Repaints

  1. Burkhard says:

    Like them… Especially the green squadron X-Wings. I had not previously thought about repainting mine, but the repainting of the droids is something I will borrow and while I am on it might just as well do the rest! ;-)

  2. catomighty says:

    The trouble always seems to start with the droids, doesn’t it?
    Have you started repainting yet?

    I was hoping to have more troublesome droids by now, but sadly the local shop didn’t get any of the new shipment of Core Sets that were on order with their distributor. Hopefully they can scrounge some up from another distributor, I’ve got a stack of more Core Sets on order through the shop to fill out the X-Wing and TIE squadrons.

    The good news is all the Wave 2 expansions came in, and I’ll be doing some personalised painting on those very shortly!

  3. Burkhard says:

    I have not started yet… I want to have a game or two first. If I do not like the game I might want to resell them and no matter how good you paint… People always take it as an excuse to bargain you down. Although I think it is rather a case of not having enough time right now!

    I think I will have to wait for wave 2 even longer… FFG seems to supply the English speaking market first before they supply their German distributor. BTW… your Wave 2 repaints look just as flashy!

    • catomighty says:

      I think the supply is just a matter of logistics of the slow boat coming from China to the States, and then needing to be re-packaged and shipped to other countries. U.K. players are lamenting that Wave 2 hasn’t reached their shores yet either.

      I wonder if repaints might even help the resale value of these ships though. This game attracts plenty of non-painters, but it seems like the forums contain plenty of wistful comments from them about wanting some more detailed painting, especially engine glow.

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