SDE: Treasure, Heroes & Dragon Pink Conversions

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August 24, 2014 by catomighty

This summer, my painting has returned to catching up on the Super Dungeon Explore minis which have been languishing partly painted after an interruption of a year and a half of much X-Wing work.  The Forgotten King Kickstarter has inspired the return to Chibistein.  Must catch up on painting chibis before buckets more arrive!  Will have photos of newly finished work to post in the very near future.  But for now, here’s work completed in 2012 and posted back then on the Soda Pop forums.

The clever Kobolds have been painting eyelids on some of the Treasure chests to give plundering Adventurers pause

to think that they might be sleeping Boo Booties!



Did some minor modifications to the Boo Booties — used a pin-vice to drill out eye sockets, and carved an under-hang on the the bottom the tongues to give a nicer profile look.  The outlinging on these and all the figures is done with Micron-Art .005 pens.

The minis in the original SDE set come unassembled (later expansions are all pre-assembled for the benefit of the board-gaming crowd who complained about having to glue pieces together before they could play the game).  I painted all the bases before gluing the figures on, using Model Master acrylic pearlescent colours for the sparkly flagstones.


Before painting any of the Heroes though, I had to do a group of conversions first.  A chibi game requires a neko-chan figure which SDE was lacking (the Nyan-Nyan character would come several years in the future).  A dungeon-adventuring party in a board-game version of a computer-game naturally led to thoughts of Dragon Pink!  And so the Pink party was converted to match the OVA characters.  Those [really entertaining and hilariously educational] midnight hours spent at Dick & Busters’ Hentai Dubbing events in the grand ballroom at Anime Boston have had some practical results!

If a Clawtribe Barbarian accidentally dons the Cursed Panties of Torijima, SDE acquires a nekochan =^,^=  The tail is a heated and stretched bit of plastic sprue.  Hair extension, ears, and hammer are green putty.  Hammer handle is brass wire with a coating of putty to thicken it up a bit.  With the big hammer, she had a tendency to tip over pretty easily, so I glued some scraps of lead under the base as a counter-weight to cure the tipsosis.



Pierce the Elf was the easiest conversion, just moved her skirt up to make a cape, and added some tiny dabs of putty to make pointy elf ears.



Santa, the party leader, was a pretty straight-forward conversion of the Paladin.  Used a combination of carving and puttying to add the hairband.  Omitted the shield and used putty to fill in the folds of the cloak around where the shield would have gone.



Boba the Barbarian took the most work.  The body started as a Kobold Ironscale.  Removed the sword, shield, and some bits of the armour.  Added small brass wire to the shoulders and putty on top of that for the spikes.  Swapped in a Paladin’s head with the hair carved into a more spikey doo.  Put a Dwarf’s axe-head onto a length of brass tube to finish it all off.



The whole party:



Also, since I’m somewhat partial to cats, I did a bit of a makeover for the Druid and Angry Bear combo — creating the Druid and Mad Big Cat.  (Painting is currently still in progress for another pair — Druid and Big Mad Wolf.)  Some slight recarving on the snouts and ears.  Tails added with a bit of heated and gently stretched plastic sprue.



And finally a trio of Heroes with no remodelling — the Glimmerdusk Ranger, Candy & Cola, and the Riftling Rogue:





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