A-Wing WIP 3: Flightsuit

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July 27, 2014 by catomighty

Construction progress stalled out for a few months with March being super busy with the X-Wing Store Championship circuit and gaming at Pax East, and then the following few months being busy gardening time (and other gaming projects…)

Latest acquisition has arrived, and hope to get this project rolling foward again.  Just in — a custom flight suit from Austria!  Thanks to helpful Rebel Legion member and A-Winger Okami Dai:


He had a local shop that makes work coveralls do a special A-Wing version of their regular gear.  I may do some tweaks to this, but it’s pretty sweet right out of the box.

The sleeve cuffs are closed with buttons — which don’t show as long as the gloves are on — but I’ll likely replace them with velcro closures.

There is also a pocket on the forearm of the left sleeve with a window cut-out for a pilot’s comm pad.  Looking at the screen caps, it does look like the A-Wingers do have a pocket there, but I’m not sure they have the cut-out for access to comm-pad controls, and no A-Wing pilot is seen onscreen with a comm pad.  So I may wind up covering over that opening in the pocket.

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