Starspeeder 1000s & A-Wings


January 29, 2014 by catomighty

A couple of new additions to the fleets.  First up, a half dozen Starspeeder 1000‘s — diecast toys from Disney’s Star Tours ride.   This set is currently available from the Disney online store.  Although with a bit of patience, I finally got a set for a better price on EBay.

They’re mounted on CorSec’s shuttle stands.  As usual, I scored the firing arc into the base with an XActo.  Then painted the firing arc with Model Master’s Transparent Red.

To mount the ships on the rods, I carved a notches into the underside of each chassis to fit a 6-32 hex nut, and epoxied it in place.  The plastic shell from the original packaging came in handy to hold all the ships while epoxying in the nuts and letting them dry.  A little excess epoxy pooled up inside the nuts, this was easy to clear out just by hand-spinning a 7/64 drill bit so that the models would sit snugly on the screw posts.


After the epoxy had set, it was a quick evening’s work to touch up the painting a bit.  Gave them all a very light weathering with some drybrushed Lichtblau, and a bit of Dark Grey.  Painted the guntips and engines with White, and then Flourescent Red and Neon Blue respectively.

Economy travel for Rebel spies into and out of some of the most exciting spots in the galaxy is now available!  Clockwise from rear left: Naboo Spacelines, Air Alderaan, Tatooine Transit, Dantooine Express, Bespin Direct, and Star Tours.



Also up on the painting bench recently were 6 more A-Wings.  This time, a green squadron using Model Master’s Pale Green painted directly over the red of the factory finish.  Flat White and assorted light greys painted over other panels.  A little Deep Yellow striping on the edges to mark them as part of the Gold Task Force.  Plus some individual pilot markings and ship number hashmarks on the top fins.  As usual, the gun tips and engines were painted white first, then Flourescent Red for the laser tips and Turn Signal Amber for the engine glow.



One thought on “Starspeeder 1000s & A-Wings

  1. Rob Jedi says:

    Love the Starspeeders, great upgrade from the shuttle token

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