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September 16, 2013 by catomighty

The DBA rules have gone through several different versions since their inception. The 2.2 rules are currently available in a book including several of the earlier versions as well:   DBA 2.2 Simple Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rules Including DBSA and DBA 1.0 by John Curry, available through Amazon, Lulu, or at finer friendly local gaming stores.  The DBA 2.2 rules from this book or from the original published version by WRG Games is required for playing DBA 2.2+.

2.2+ is a set of amendments crafted by devotees of the game from around the world.

The amendments, reference sheets, and other useful links can be found here.

The Unofficial Guide to DBA written by WADBAG to help clarify points in the 2.2 rules is also still quite useful for 2.2+.  While the DBA game is quite well conceived, it’s unfortunately written in a very torturous style known throughout the gaming world as Barkerese.  Many players around the world have found the Unofficial Guide to be an invaluable aid, and it’s clear writing style has proven essential to gamers for whom English is a second langauge.

As of this writing, there is a new official version, 3.0, that is in the works and has been nearing publication Real Soon Now since 2011.  There have been numerous draft versions produced since that time.  In all of these versions, 3.0 is clearly becoming a much different game than 2.2.  For the gamers like myself who only wanted to see some clarifications and minor tweaks to 2.2 instead of a drastic re-writing, we developed 2.2+.  I’m quite looking forward to 3.0’s eventual publication, especially for the contents of the new army lists.

For other useful bits, Litko is now making 2.2+ measuring sticks and movement gauges marked in Movement Units, aka MU’s or simply ‘Moos’, along with their superb line of laser-cut bases.  I buy their bases by the hundred-bags so that there’s never a shortage on hand when painting up the next army!


One thought on “DBA 2.2+ Resources

  1. Foxtrot says:

    I’m hoping to play DBA 2.2+, but I can’t find the plus rules – the WADBAG site you link to is defunk. Do you have the PDF, or know where I can find it online? Thanks!

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