X-Wing Retooled Better Painted


March 12, 2013 by catomighty

The X-Wing model itself was re-tooled for the new batch of Core Sets shipped along with the Wave 2 expansion packs.  The new one has more and crisper details than the original model.

Here’s the new one behind one of the originals.


3 thoughts on “X-Wing Retooled Better Painted

  1. catomighty says:

    Here’s some answers to questions that popped up right away on various forums:
    * These are in newly arrived Core Sets. Targets and Barnes & Nobles may still have earlier stock versions on the shelfs.
    * The TIE models have not changed.
    * The difference doesn’t particularly show up much at arm’s length out on the gaming table.
    * I don’t think any X-Wing expansion packs arrived with the first of the Wave 2 shipments, I expect these models will be in new packs when they do arrive.
    * I will be removing and re-gluing the laser on the top right wing tip of the early model shown, other early ones I have did not have that sort of assembly problem. I used this one in the comparison photo cause so far I’ve only added engine glow and laser tips to this one, but otherwise haven’t yet changed the body painting.

  2. catomighty says:

    Late breaking update: The mold hasn’t been changed, they’ve just greatly improved the painting! The early versions were covered in such a thick coat of paint that many of the details were obscured. A quick exploration with an XActo knife reveals they are indeed there. I don’t think I’ll go the full fanatical painting route of stripping the paint from the early ones.

    For those who are inclined to strip and paint, someone else has already done up a guide on stripping the A-Wing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpD0Sm5NXvg

  3. […] wanted to add that I found a site that has side by side comparison pictures of the reissue X-Wing. X-Wing Retooled Better Painted | GoblinHall It's amazing how much detail was hidden under that thick coat of […]

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