Firespray Engine Upgrade

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March 11, 2013 by catomighty

Whoops, during the first round of repainting the Firespray model, missed painting the engine glow on the rectangular one of the three boosters.  Fortunately, a tip on the X-Wing game forum pointed that out.

Similar to the first two boosters detailed in the Wave 2 Repaints post, the booster was painted with a white base, then Light Yellow, then clear Turn Signal Amber, and a final bit of white across the center.

While working on this, also noticed that the back side of the model was a little on the bland side with the factory finish.  So, decided to light up the whole backside and side stabilisers with reflections from the engine glow.  Holding the model nearly flat and looking across the engine boosters, I gave a dry-brushing of Light Yellow to any raised surfaces that would be catching some of the light from the engine glow.  The went back to all the areas that hadn’t been brushed with the yellow, and deepened the shadows in any recessed or other overshadowed areas with Burnt Umber.


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