Since first watching the anime series Girls und Panzer when it was first released, I valiantly resisted the urge to collect and paint models to start running games.  This year, after the release of Girls und Panzer der Film, I could not resist any longer.

Helping to break my will to resist was a very nice set of home-brew rules that some folks have been working on, polishing up, and posting on The Miniatures Page.  At the time of this writing, links to the most recent version of the rules can be found about third of the way down the page in the post with the Anzio Tanks in the Pizza Box in this thread here.

For gentle readers who are unfamiliar with Girls und Panzer, it is a superb anime/manga series about Senshado, aka Panzerfahren, aka Tankery — the girls’ high school team sport with WW2 tanks.  You can watch it on DVD or here: GuP Online.  Watch the regular episodes first, then the OVA (the battle with Anzio), then the movie.  You can pretty much skip the special episodes, those are the obligatory-for-the-Japanese trip to the beach stories.  Yukarin’s Tank Corner is an entertaining light introduction to the tanks.

The Anzio battle is treated in detail in the manga version which is available in print, and is different than the OVA.  There is also a separate manga which covers a training match between Ooarai Girls High School and Maginot Girls Academy: Maginot Online.

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