Marker Flags for Tanks

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March 3, 2017 by catomighty

A key visual component during games are the various flags for the tanks: flag tank pennant, white KO flags, and a special one I created to mark the worst gunner on a team (newest members, First Years, or whoever happens to be having a bad day).  The worst gunner flags are marked with the katakana  do “Do” which is the SFX in the manga for the “Boom!” of guns firing — I chose this to mark the most excitable crew on the team firing frequently without hitting much.
All the flag posts are made from 1/32″ brass rod, cut to size by rolling under an XActo knife to score a line, and then snapping on the score.
Posts for the flag pennants are 3/4″ high, and the KO and Do posts 1/2″ high.
Spray painted them all. To easily get full coverage I laid out all the pins on blue painters tape first.  Sprayed one side and let it dry, then laid another strip of tape across the painted side before peeling of the first strip of tape.  Then sprayed the second side.  Tall posts for the pennants painted black, KO posts tan, and Do posts red.

The flags themselves are cut from heavy 67 pound cardstock.  The pieces are cut large enough to fold over for double-sided flag.  Wrap it around the post and glue it together.
The KO flags were cut from white stock, 1/8″ high x 13/32″ long.  The pennant flags also cut from white stock, 1/8″ high x 7/16″ long; marked center lines 5/32″ in from each end, and then cut triangles back to those lines, leaving a center for wrapping around the post.  Pennants were coloured with markers before gluing, so the edges around the post are coloured too.

Do flags cut from yellow stock, 3/16″ high x 11/32″ long.  Lettered with a fine red marker.  Shown here with SFX tokens to be covered in another entry.

Generally drilling a hole in the turret is all that is needed to hold a flag.  With most models, the bottom of the flag post then rests on the bottom plate of the turret or upper hull of the tank.  Metal turrets just need a hole drilled down to sufficient depth.
Turretless tanks need an extra piece of plastic glued on the inside to support the flag post.  I drill the hole in the top hull first, then glue in the plastic centered on the hole.  After the glue is dried, then continue drilling down to sufficient depth.

After all the various flags were assembled and marked, they all got a spray of Dullcote to protect the paint on the posts.  After varnishing the flags, then I painted the brown stripe along the top edge of the KO flags.  Painting this stripe after varnishing kept the paint from seeping down further into the paper.
The paint and the varnish thicken up the 1/32″ post, so the post holes in the tanks are drilled out with a 3/64″ bit.  (And then after varnishing the tanks, I re-drill the holes because the opening gets constricted by the varnish…)

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