Pravda & Turret Magnets

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October 26, 2016 by catomighty

Finished painting my Pravda tanks awhile ago, but then had to wait for Company B’s decals to really finish them up nicely.  The models are all plastic kits: T-34’s and IS-2 by Plastic Soldier Company, and the KV-1 and KV-2 by Zvezda.
The PSC platoon boxes come with 5 tanks each and turrets to make either the T-34(76) or the T-34(85).  With 2 platoon boxes, I made 4 of each for Pravda, and 1 of each for Jatkosota.  PSC sells individual reinforcement sprues, I bought 1 sprue for the IS-2.
In the anime and manga, Pravda only has the KV-2.  But on one of the Japanese Drama CDs, Pravda complains to the Senshado Federation that Jatkosota is using a ‘captured’ KV-1 and Pravda would like it back!  So I built a KV-1 for each team, but both of them can’t use it in the same match.

The T-34 Platoon boxes come with options for one-piece or multi-piece treads.  PSC multi-piece treads are a bit more fiddly to assemble, but also make it a bit easier to paint the running wheels and treads.  I like using either one.  But when kits come with both options, I love using the one-piece ones on the tank, and then use the other tracks to make damaged/disabled markers.  I use the flatter half of the tread piece, bend it a bit so it lays more flat, and cut it in half to make the markers.

Glued a magnet under the commander’s hatches on all my tanks — in the open hatch well, or just under the closed hatch.  I’ve been using 1mm x 2mm or 1mm x 4mm magnets.  (I’ve found the best bulk prices at  When I get around to working on the crew figures, they will each be glued to a 1mm x 2mm magnet.  Internet wisdom says that Loctite is the best glue to use on magnets, I believed my fellow hobbyists and ran with that.
Here are Pravda and Saunders turrets being prepped with magnets.  The KV-2 turret top has a shallow divot drilled and scraped out to hold its magnet just under the molded-in commander’s hatch.

Polarity check — being super careful with every installation of magnets that the polarity is all in the same alignment so that command figures will all be able to adhere to any tank and not get launched into orbit by same magnetic poles bouncing away from each other.  Here’s the stack of T-34 turret hatches with magnets glued underneath all sticking to the top of the KV-2:

T-34(76) tanks with the various flags.  I drilled a 3/64″ hole in every turret top to hold 1/32″ brass rod thickened with a layer of paint and then varnish.  This hole holds the flag tank’s pennant, a KO’d white flag, or an SFX flag I created to mark the tank with crewed by the Worst Gunner on the team.  The katakana  (do) is the SFX symbol used in the manga for “Boom!” when the guns fire. ^,^

T-34(85) tanks with hatches open for Katyusha’s and Nonna’s tanks:

The big three: IS-2, KV-2, and KV-1.  On the IS-2, I used a black .005 Micron Art pen to letter the number 015 on the front and both turret sides.  On the KV-2, I used a red .005 Micron Art Pen to make the insignia decal a bit larger, the colour difference shows up more in the photo than it does in real life; also used the pen to touch up any slight tears in the decals after they set.


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