Cerci, Assembled

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July 6, 2014 by catomighty

At long last, the Relic Knights Kickstarter package hath arrived a few weeks ago!  I bought in for all-options Cerci, plus Corsairs and Doctrine faction starters with some extras for those two.

Cerci is the first batch to be cleaned, trimmed, and assembled for painting.  There was a packaging mistake at the factory, all the Hell’s Belles boxes shipped out with 2 riders each for the 3 bikes.  Replacement bikers will be sent out eventually.  But I had enough replacement riders on hand to get the whole batch operational right away.  The Princess Malay Relic Knight came with an optional pose metal rider figure — and conveniently, I got an extra one of those in my package!  Also mixed in the upper torso and head from the metal version of Princess Malya that came with the original metal model kit acquired long ago.  Mixed and matched parts on all the Belles to make each one a unique pose.  Added bits of brass wire as needed for handle bars.

Princess Malya, The Suicide Queen, and 6 Hell’s Belles; at this stage the rider are not glued to their vehicles.  They will be primed and painted separately.


The Walker vehicles (plus Cola who photographs better standing up).  The Royal Wrecker is such a complex model to assemble, I did glue the and putty the whole thing together before painting.


Cerci foot troops, pretty straight forward.


The gun barrel for Rin Farrah is too skinny and prone to bending and breaking.  Scooped out a trough in the front of the stock to bring it level with the bottom of the barrel, then glued in a length of .020 brass rod.


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