Protecting the Dials

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June 9, 2013 by catomighty

Fortunately just before buying my first X-Wing core set, I came across this superb video on how to protect the dials with clear ConTact Paper.  Questions on doing this pop up from time to time on various gaming forums, so here are answers to the FAQ’s:

*  In the US, ConTact paper is available in both hardware stores (by the kitchen cabinet section in the big box stores) and in craft stores (cheapest buying it in the craft big box stores with the usual weekly 40%-50% off coupons).

*  Don’t buy the Glossy roll, that’s harder to read under the glare of some lights.

*  If you’ve already assembled your dials, it’s easy to take them apart and re-assemble them.  Slide a small screwdriver under the rim of the plastic hub and gently pry it open.

**  And in addition to using the ConTact paper for protection, it is also very useful to add a small nylon washer between the halves of the dial so that it will spin easier.  5/16″ Flat Nylon Washers work perfectly.  5/16″ is the inner diameter and it slides easily over the center of the plastic hub.  The outer diameter is 17/32″, and they are 1/32″ thick.

**  I tap the hub closed with a blunt instrument to get a snug closing.  The dials do not pop apart in use.

**  These are currently available at Lowes.  Home Depot does not stock them, neither does my friendly local hardware store.

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