First Dungeon Portals

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February 26, 2013 by catomighty

Chibi adventurers need cute dungeons to explore — a little dank and dark is needed, but overall, sparkle is required!

The first round of sparkle was painting up some dungeon portals from the old Warhammer Quest boxed game.   Before painting, I scooped out the eyesockets on the big skulls to make room for flat-backed crystals and did a dry-fit.

Painted the stone pillars with half a dozen or more different spray paints lightly spritzed to get the speckled stone look. Floor slabs brush painted with pearlescent colours, plus metal work and outlining. The pillars then dry brushed to highlight the details.

Then filled excess eye cavities with Testors Contour Putty. The crystals fitted in, outer edges held with a tiny spot of Contour Putty and a tiny drop of Zap A Gap carefully applied to the putty with the tip of an XActo knife to lock the crystals in, being careful not to get any glue on the glass which would cloud it up.

Here are front and back shots of the first 4, more will be done later:

GatesBRF GatesBRR GatesPGF GatesPGR

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