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February 26, 2013 by catomighty

A small sampling of assorted chibi dungeon denizens.

First up in place of honour is the new Impact Miniatures’ Hydra!  This is the first of their upcoming large line of chibi adventurers
Of which, gentle readers, you will be seeing many more in the future here in the pages of GoblinHall!

These minis are made from Trollforge plastic.  It’s a great material to work with — very easy to clean off the flash and mold lines.  The Hydra model did need a lot of clean up work, but it all went very quickly.  Details of the preparation process can be read over in this thread on the Impact Forum. And more photos of this model and other people’s Hydras can be seen in this thread.


Also in the large denizen category, here is a quartet of Dragon-Ogres from Super Dungeon Explore.  The figures in the basic SDE boxed set are made from a hardened vinyl.  This material is a lot more difficult to work with than plastics.  It takes a moderate amount of effort cutting and fitting pieces to reposition the models And if you drop the model, it is prone to shatter.  Fortunately the piece that shatters off does so in a very clean break and can be easily glued back in place.

For pose variety on the Ogres, I repositioned 2 of the left arms and 2 of the right arms so that each figure is in a different pose than the others. Also repostioned 1 head and 1 tail, but those distinctions don’t stand out at all, so I didn’t do that mod on any others.


Then, on the small end of the denizen spectrum, all dungeons need vermin critters scuttling about.  For chibi dungeons, what better than Pokévarm?! In January, a couple of stores had Pokémon toys on clearance sale that were just the right size.

The bases were a clear plastic, I didn’t prime them, just painted over with pearlescent colours for a super jewel look.  Otherwise. they’re stock pre-paints.  these bases are 17mm diameter, and with 30mm-ish dungeon space, these can stack 2 to a square for swarming.

Shown with the Pokévarm is a chibi keychain figure from Rozen Maidens who will make a nice druid/cleric.  Puttied in the hole in her head from the screw-eye.  Trimmed off the mold lines and did a little touch up painting and shading, but still largely the pre-paint job.  Got her and a few other keychain/swinger figures from Mugen Toys who were vending here at Arisia, a nice reigional sci-fi con.  The others still need a little more touch up work, and basing to make them stand.  Will post pix of them when that’s done.



Also shown in the dungeon chamber above are 2 primed Ember Hound figures from the Super Dungeon Explore expansion, Caverns of Roxxor.  I wasn’t very pleased with how easily those figures tipped over on the 23mm round bases they came on.  So I ordered some custom laser cut 23x46mm oval bases from Litko.  These puppies stand up now!  I also like how they visually better fit the bases.  I may wind up putting Impact’s 4-legged critters on these, we’ll see when they arrive.  For game play, I also like that these bases take up 2 spaces.  And with 30mm square spaces, the oval base can go on the diagonal, and there’s still room for regular 23mm bases to fit on the crossing diagonal spaces.

Along with the oval bases, also ordered some 17mm rounds to use for Impact’s fantasy football Deadling miniatures and other small vermin.  I just put a schmear of Green Stuff on the base, then simply pressed the tab of the figure down into it and mushed the putty tight with the back edge of an XActo.   This is about the same size base as my Pokévarm, and can stack 2 to a 30mm square.  Undead halfling swarms ^,^


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